How Accounts Are Compromised

We would like to remind you that scams can be presented to you in many forms. Fraudsters will use elaborate schemes to get your personal information and use it to their advantage. They'll call your phone, then mimic your loved one's voice while pretending to be in financial distress to convince you to send them money. Retirees are especially vulnerable to these types of scams.

What To Do If Your PEFCU Account is Compromised

Unusual demands are usually part of a fraudster's scheme. If you or a loved one are contacted by someone who claims to have your PEFCU account information, and you don't recall giving it to them or if they ask you to respond to their urgent financial requests faster than you are comfortable with, please contact the PEFCU’s Loss Prevention Department at (800) 226-6673, and we will investigate this for you.  

Remember, a government agency like the IRS or  Unemployment Office will never contact you by phone, text or email to ask you to send money and  will NEVER send you cash.

Your account information is protected by your unique account number and password combination. Never share that information with anyone.

Also, please read:  "Losing Your Mobile Device" for more information.