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Publix Stock


Publix Stock

Publix Stock Perks: Ownership Has Its Benefits! 

Publix Stock Secured Loan 

Need extra cash? Why not use your Publix stock to your advantage? Apply for a Publix Stock Secured Loan to pay for home repairs, weddings, and other planned or unplanned expenses. This exclusive PEFCU loan allows you to borrow against the value of your Publix stock while retaining ownership of your shares. Other perks include: 

  • Loans for either 60% or 80% of your Publix stock’s value  

  • Low rates, low payments  

  • Dividend payments continue  

  • Loan terms up to ten years  

  • No early payoff penalties   

Available to PEFCU members who own privately purchased (non-ESOP) Publix stock. Note: There will be a Publix Stock Loan Processing Fee of $75 for each application. 

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Publix Stock Purchase Loan 

Are you a current Publix associate who is eligible to purchase Publix stock? The Publix Stock Purchase Loan was created with your needs in mind.  If approved, you can still earn dividends from your new shares as you pay off your low-rate, low-payment PEFCU loan. Other benefits include: 

  • 4.5% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 

  • 48-month repayment terms with no prepayment penalties 

  • Customized to your stock-purchasing needs  

  • Great for building credit 

This loan is only offered to members who are current Publix associates during Publix Super Markets' stock buying period. Members must submit proof of stock purchase eligibility before their application is approved. Members must meet NCUA and Credit Union guidelines.  Note: There will be a Publix Stock Loan Processing Fee of $75 for each application.

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