Investment FAQs


Investment FAQs


Our share certificate rates are set each Tuesday. You can obtain these rates through the  Online Banking portal by selecting the "Join" tab, then selecting "Investments;" or by calling the Account Services Department at (863) 683-6404 in the Lakeland area or toll free at (800) 226-6673.

The six-month certificate requires a $500 minimum balance to open. The one-year through five-year certificates require a $1,000 minimum to open. We also offer Jumbo Certificates with a minimum balance of $100,000.

If your certificate has a term of one year or less, there will be a penalty of 31 days of interest on the amount withdrawn. If your certificate has a term longer than one year, the penalty will be 90 days of interest on the amount withdrawn.

It's easy!

If the funds are already in one of your PEFCU accounts, then contact one of our Investment Counselors at the Lakeland branch. An Investment Counselor can open the share certificate, then mail it to you with a receipt.

You can also open a certificate by mail. Just mail a check or money order and a note indicating your preferred term certificate. Once opened, your new certificate will be mailed back to you.

Yes. We offer the Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and the Coverdell Education Savings Account (formerly Education IRA).

You can make contributions through payroll deduction, in person, by mail or by telephone request.

  • The Traditional & Roth contribution limit for tax payers under age 50 is $6,000.  
  • The catch up contribution for those 50 years and older is an additional $1,000.
  • The Coverdell ESA remains unchanged at $2,000.

Yes. If you are age 50 or older, IRS allows catch-up contributions of an additional $1000 into Traditional & Roth IRA's.

Yes. We can arrange a direct rollover of your ESOT plan, 401-K, or any IRS-qualified retirement plan. Please contact our Account Services Department for assistance.

Yes. We can set up monthly distributions by check or by transferring the requested amount to your PEFCU savings or checking account.

No. PEFCU does not charge a fee for this service. You alone manage your retirement money.

Yes. We offer the Youth Share Certificate, which is available though the Hugh Manatee or Boom! Club savings accounts. For a minimum deposit of $100, the Youth Share Certificate will earn high dividends with one of the best industry rates. The term is 12 months, and available to members under 18 years of age. Please contact our Investment Department for more information on how to open a certificate today.

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