Share Certificates


Share Certificates

Grow  Your Savings

You can save money and earn great dividends over the short term or long term, and Share Certificate dividends are generally higher than those paid on a Member Savings Account, rewarding you with a higher return. You also get a fixed rate for the term of your Certificate and choose from terms ranging from 6 months to 5 years. There's a Share Certificate to suit everyone!

 We offer convenient payment options, if your share certificate term is greater than six months, you'll have the freedom to determine how your dividends will be paid to you*.

 Choose from:

  • Reinvesting your quarterly dividends directly back into the Share Certificate.
  • Getting a check issued to you monthly or quarterly for the dividend earned and mailed directly to you.
  • Transfer your dividends to one of your other Credit Union Accounts.

*A 6-month certificate can get a check monthly or transfer monthly.

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