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Non-Variable Rates

Make our PEFCU VISA Credit Card your go-to card. With rates lower than the national average and no fee for balance transfers, it's one of the best financial decisions you'll ever make. 

PEFCU VISA Credit Card Rates
  • VISA Classic: 10.90%
  • VISA Gold: 10.50%
  • VISA Platinum: 9.90%
  • VISA Secured: 10.90%

ScoreCard® Rewards

With the ScoreCard® rewards program, you can earn points when you use your PEFCU VISA Credit Card. Cardholders can redeem their points for cash back, merchandise, travel, and select gift cards. You can log  in directly from PEFCU's online or mobile banking platforms to monitor your rewards balance, check for special deals, browse merchandise, and more!  Learn More Here ►

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Are you a member? If so, you can apply for a PEFCU VISA Credit Card via Online Banking. Start here►

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You must become a PEFCU member to apply for a PEFCU VISA Credit Card. If eligible, you can apply for membership and the PEFCU VISA Credit Card at the same time. Start here►


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Card Fraud Protection

Your cards are monitored by our Fraud Protection Program. If your PEFCU VISA debit or credit card is lost or stolen, you can call  (855) 477-1129 and use the Card Controls feature via Online Banking or the PEFCU Mobile Banking app to temporarily or permanently block your card.  You can unlock your card at any time.

For more information about protecting you and your family from fraud, please visit Beware of Card Fraud.

New Member Qualifications

You must be at least 13 years of age* and have a PEFCU Checking Account** to be eligible for a PEFCU VISA Debit Card.

*Youth ages 13-17 years old must have a Parent or Legal Guardian included as a Joint Owner.
**Account must qualify for this service.

Visa Debit & ATM Card Designs

Picking your own card design is free! There are 10 card designs for you to choose from.

Existing Members

The PEFCU VISA Debit Card gives members with a PEFCU Checking Account full debit card privileges.
Learn More About Debit Cards ►

PEFCU Cards App

Monitor your card activity by downloading the PEFCU Cards app from your mobile device’s app store. Get real-time alerts every time your card is used.

The PEFCU Cards app will also alert you of the following:

  • Declined transactions
  • Card not present (online and phone) transactions
  • Purchases in foreign countries
  • ATM transactions
  • Gas purchases
  • Specified transaction amount (must be at least $1)          

If you receive an alert for an unauthorized transaction by an unknown merchant, please call (855) 477-1129 immediately.

More Information

Visa® Secure

Visa® Secure enrollment is no longer required on PEFCU Visa® cards, but rest assured that your card transaction is still secure. Your security is important; therefore, we have deployed advanced risk detection technology to monitor transactions. This removes the need for passwords, allowing you to shop without interruption.

Our fraud protection program is pretty awesome, but Visa® Secure goes a step further, adding an extra layer of security when you use your Visa® card for online purchases. 

Click here for Visa® Secure FAQs

Verified by Visa Logo

Visa Click to Pay

Introducing a Better Way to Pay - Let's get Cracking!

Conveniently shop online the secure way with Visa® Click to Pay when using your PEFCU Visa® Debit and/or Credit Card.

  • Pay with a single log in from any device
  • Guard your data behind multiple layers of security
  • Keep earning the card rewards you love

Enroll in Visa® Click to Pay with your PEFCU Visa® Debit and/or Credit Card today!

Enroll in Visa® Click to Pay

ATM Cards

Our PEFCU ATM Card allows you easy access to your accounts at any of the following ATMs*:

  • CO-OP Network 
  • Presto! (including POS terminals)
  • Pulse (including POS terminals)
  • Plus
  • PEFCU Isle of Service ATMs** in select warehouses and the following branches:
    • Lakeland (Main)
    • Pembroke Pines
    • Royal Palm Beach
    • Sarasota

*At other ATMs, the first six (6) ATM withdrawals of each month are free. All Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions are free, including cash back. This includes Pay at the Pump for gas purchases.

**Isle of Service ATMs are surcharge-free for all transactions. Cash and check deposits are accepted.

Visa Debit or PEFCU ATM Card Application

Isle of Service ATM

Get 24/7 access to your accounts at our PEFCU Isle of Service ATMs. Isle of Service ATMs are located in select Publix Super Market Inc. warehouse locations. They are also located at the following PEFCU branch locations:

  • Lakeland (Main)
  • Pembroke Pines
  • Royal Palm Beach
  • Sarasota

PEFCU Isle of Service ATMs accept cash and check deposits for PEFCU members. All transactions conducted with a PEFCU-issued VISA card at Isle of Services ATMs are free. At other ATMs, the first six (6) ATM withdrawals of each month are free.* 

*This does not apply to any surcharges imposed at other ATMs. For charges after the first six (6) each of each month, please refer to PEFCU's fees and charges.

Card Controls

Control your cards with Card Controls.  Temporarily or permanently deactivate lost or stolen cards via PEFCU Mobile Banking.

Digital Wallets

Make purchases almost anywhere.  Simply add your PEFCU VISA Debit and VISA Credit Card to your newest smart phone. You'll be ready to shop anywhere digital wallets are accepted: just tap and pay.  If you are at a merchant that does not accept the digital card, then insert your card for payment.

With Digital Wallet, you can:

  • Add your PEFCU VISA Credit and/or Debit Card to your Digital Wallet  
  • Hold your eligible phone directly over the payment terminal and authorize it with the touch of your finger
  • View your virtual cards


Fraud Alerts

Reasons for Contact

To help mitigate harm to you and your account, we may contact you at any telephone numbers you have given us (including a mobile phone number) to deliver messages related to the following:

  • Suspected or actual fraudulent activity on your account
  • Data security breaches
  • Identity theft following a data breach
  • Pending money transfers
  • Any other exigent messages permitted by applicable law 

These messages will be delivered to you at no cost. They will not contain any telemarketing, cross-marketing, solicitation, advertising, or debt collection message of any kind.  

Text Messages

With regard to text messages, you will have an opportunity to opt out of future text messages when one is texted to you.  You may withdraw consent to be contacted at your mobile phone number (including text messages) at any time via one of the following:

  • Mail: P. O. Box 1000, Lakeland, FL 33802
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (800) 226-6673, ext. 6602
  • Any other reasonable means

Note: PEFCU will never contact you to request sensitive information (e.g., your account number, Personal Identification Number (PIN), or Social Security Number). Never give sensitive information to anyone who contacts you claiming to be from your financial institution, government, etc. If you are uncomfortable with a phone call, hang up and immediately call our Member Contact Center at (800) 226-6673.

Travel Notifications

Do you plan to make a purchase with your PEFCU VISA Debit or Credit Card while travelling?  Though your cards are open to international transactions, it's still a good practice to let us know when you plan to use them outside of the U.S. When traveling domestically or internationally, you can advise us via one of the following ways:

  • Online Banking messaging
  • PEFCU Mobile Banking messaging
  • Phone: (800) 226-6673

VISA Account Updater (VAU)

VAU is an automatic account information updating service provided by VISA.  Your card is automatically enrolled in VAU when issued. Whena new or replacement card is issued due to your card expiring or being lost or stolen, VISA may update relevant card information (e.g., card number, expiration date, etc.) with participating merchants with whom you have an ongoing payment relationship; i.e., recurring payments or automatic billing.  The VAU service is provided for your convenience at no cost to you.  You may opt-out of the VAU service at any time by contacting us via one of the following:

  • Mail: Publix Employees Federal Credit Union, P. O. Box 1000, Lakeland, FL 33802
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (800) 226-6673, ext. 6602 

You acknowledge and agree that participation in VAU does not relieve you of your responsibility to ensure merchants have your correct information on file, and that failure to keep your account information current may result in declined payments.  You acknowledge and agree that neither VISA nor PEFCU guarantees that your account updates will be received or recognized by merchants prior to any billing.

Disputes/Stop Payments

Disputes/Stop Payments

Dispute Visa® Card Transaction

To dispute a Visa® card transaction, you may call (855) 477-1129 or submit the appropriate form(s) below with a copy of your Driver's License to [email protected]:

Dispute ACH or Check Transaction

To dispute a check or ACH transaction, you may send the form below with a copy of your Driver's License to [email protected]:

Stop Payment on Money Order

To request a stop payment on a money order, you may send the form below with a copy of your Driver's License to [email protected]:

For more questions, call our Member Contact Center at (800) 226-6673

VISA Credit Card Authorized Signer Card Request

You can make Authorized Signer requests by downloading and completing one of the following forms:

Please send us your completed form via one of the following:

For additional questions, please call toll-free 800-226-6673 ext. 6602.

Frequently Asked  Questions

EMV (Europay, Mastercard, & Visa) is a global standard for credit and debit payment cards using embedded microchips. The new PEFCU VISA Cards will have an embedded microchip that will allow you to pay at any U.S. merchant that has EMV payment terminals and at all international merchants where chip cards are the standard. Plus, it will have improved security and protection against fraud.

The PEFCU VISA Credit & Debit Cards will still have the magnetic strip on the back. This will enable you to make purchases at terminals that do not have the EMV technology yet.  You will need to swipe your card and sign a receipt for the purchase. 

Click here to see a brochure with All You Need to Know about Smart Cards & EMV Chip Technology

Instructions for terminals that have the EMV technology:

  1. Insert the chip end of your card at the checkout terminal with the chip facing up.
  2. Keep the card in the terminal and follow the prompts on the screen.
  3. Remove your card when prompted and take your receipt. 

You may still need to sign a receipt for your purchase. 

EMV chip cards contain an embedded microprocessor, a type of small computer. The microprocessor chip contains the information needed to use the card for payment and is protected by various security features.

The magnetic strips contain your payment information and it never changes. All a thief has to do is lift that information to replicate your card. The EMV card nearly eliminates that possibility because the information for each transaction is uniquely encoded. So, it is much harder for a thief to pick up payment data to use again. 

The new PEFCU cards will be issued with the EMV micro-chip and the magnetic strip until all U.S. ATMs, Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, and merchants have completed the adoption of the EMV micro-chip technology. 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your expenses.  Therefore we offer many different opportunities to make a payment to your PEFCU VISA Credit Card account:

  • Automatic withdrawals from your PEFCU Account 
  • Automatic withdrawals from a Deposit/Share account at another financial institution 
    • Ask us for a Recurring ACH Form; complete and return it.
  • One-time ACH or debit card payments from another financial institution via our Member Contact Center at (800) 226-6673 ($7.95 per transaction)  
  • MoneyGram payment 
  • Via mail 
    • Make your check or money order payable to PEFCU in U.S. funds.
    • Write your credit union account number on the check or money order.
    • Mail to PEFCU-VISA, P.O. Box 1788, Lakeland, FL  33802-1788

For more information call our Member Contact Center at 1-800-226-6673.

  • Payments can only be made to a PEFCU VISA. 
  • Payments will be effective only after the transaction has been validated.
  • Be aware of fees merchants may charge for MoneyGram payments. 

Technology offers convenience, but it doesn’t replace common sense. These habits can keep you and your money safe while you’re using your PEFCU VISA Credit Card, ATM, or Debit Card.

  1. Report lost, stolen, or compromised PEFCU VISA Credit Card immediately. 
    • If you believe that your card has been lost, stolen, or compromised, please call the toll-free number (855) 477-1129.
    • Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
    • Examine your statements promptly to identify unauthorized transactions.
  2. Report lost, stolen, or compromised PEFCU ATM or VISA Debit Card immediately.
    • If you believe that your card has been lost, stolen, or compromised, call us toll-free at (800) 226-6673 for Card Services, during the hours 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Mon., Tue., Thur., Fri.; 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Wed.
    • Outside of these hours, please call CAT (Computerized Access by Telephone) toll-free (800) 226-7611 or (855) 477-1129, or access the "Card Controls" tab via the PEFCU Mobile Banking app to block your card.  
    • Call Card Services the next business day to order a replacement card.  
    • Examine your statements promptly to identify unauthorized transactions.
  3. Protect your PIN (Personal Identification Number).
    • Choose a PIN that is unique. Use a number other than your birthday, Social Security number, or other obvious number.  
    • Never write down your PIN in your checkbook or on your cards. It is best to memorize it.  
    • Do not share your PIN or account number with anyone.  
    • Never give your PIN over the phone.
  4. Check out the environment as you approach the ATM.  
    • Avoid facilities in dark or remote places.  
    • Avoid free standing ATM machines on street corners.  
    • If bystanders seem to be loitering rather than conducting business, go to another machine or come back later.  
    • When using a drive-through ATM, keep all doors locked and all windows up, except for the driver’s window.
  5. Be prepared to conduct your transaction when you approach the ATM.  
    • Have your card ready and know what transaction or transactions you want to conduct.  
    • Shield the screen and keypad with your body as you use the ATM to prevent others from seeing your PIN.  
    • Remove your cash, receipt, and card after every transaction.
    • Never leave receipts behind!
  6. Pay attention to activity around the ATM as you leave.  
    • Secure any cash you withdraw before leaving the machine.