Hugh Manatee Kids Club (For Ages 0–12 years)

Your kids can watch their money grow with a special Hugh Manatee Kids' Club Account. We make our kid's club a great savings experience for your child. Plus, the kids will learn about "Howie," our adopted manatee from Florida's Blue Springs State Park.

Boom! Club (For Ages13–17) 

Boom! is a PEFCU club that offers teenagers (13 to 17 yrs. old) the freedom and independence to handle their financial matters. With Boom!, PEFCU can teach your teens what they need to know about earning, saving, and spending money.

  • Promotes and teaches regular saving habits and budgeting
  • May apply for a checking account and VISA® Debit Card* 

* Must meet certain requirements

Journey Club (55+)

Wherever these years take you, let PEFCU’s Journey Club be with you! We look forward to helping you with all of your financial needs! Journey Club membership is FREE and automatic to all members age 55+. You keep all the useful products and services that PEFCU has to offer, in addition to special discounts and perks like:

  • Free annual supply of checks (shipping and handling rates still apply)
  • Free PEFCU Money Orders
  • Free PEFCU Cashier’s Checks

With so many financial products and services available, now is the best time to be a PEFCU member! For more information, call (800) 226-6673.