Information You Should Know

How to Find Your MICR Account Number for all ACH transactions, including:  Direct Deposit/Payroll, IRS, Social Security

  • Log onto Home Banking and click on the Account that you would like to use for your deposit or withdrawal 
  • Once in the Account you will see a tab called Account Info - click on this tab to see how you will need to input your MICR Account Number.  
  • PEFCU Routing/ABA Number: 263179817
  • Use only numeric values.  No dashes or other non-numeric fields should be entered for
  • direct deposit.
  • Have your funds deposited to one PEFCU account. Call PEFCU and we can set up distributions to other accounts for you. See Payroll Distribution information  below.
  • PEFCU MICR Account Numbers can be in two different formats. (See examples below)
    • The 12 digit MICR number found on the bottom of your PEFCU checks
    • A 12 digit account number to include the base account number and share ID.

1) MICR Number Format

Tax Refunds are sent to us electronically. If the Account Number and Format are incorrect the deposit will automatically be returned.

2) 12 Digit Account Number Format (These are NOT actual account numbers and are for example purposes only.)

  • If your account number is 88888800 and you wish to have funds direct deposited to your checking, share ID - “71”
    • The MICR Account Number will be 171088888800.  If your account number is less than 8 digits, add additional zeros to the front of your account number to make it 12   digits in length, ex. 171000888800.  
  • If your account number is 88888800 and you choose direct deposit to your savings, share ID - “00”.  
    • The MICR Account Number will be 100088888800.    If your account number is less than 8 digits, add additional zeros to the front of your account number to make it 12 digits in length, ex. 100000888800.

Payroll Distributions

Once you have set up Direct Deposit, we can set up Payroll Distributions for you. With Payroll Distributions you can have funds deposited into different accounts each pay period without having to do a thing. The remainder of the funds will be deposited into the account of your choice. Best of all, Payroll Distributions are FREE and can be changed by calling PEFCU at any time!

Never Miss a Loan Payment:  A great feature of Payroll Distribution is the option to have your PEFCU loan payments automatically withdrawn from your direct deposit. Imagine never having to worry about missing a loan payment. You can protect your credit score that you’ve worked so hard to build and eliminate the possibility of late fees.

To elect your Payroll Distributions, utilize our secure "Contact Us" in Home Banking or "Messages" in Mobile Banking, call us 1 (800) 226-6673, or stop by any of our Branch Locations. 

What do I do?

Publix Super Markets Associates: To sign up for Direct Deposit, you will need to log into the PASSport system provided by Publix Super Markets and enter your PEFCU MICR Account Number.

Other Employees: To sign up for Direct Deposit, complete your company’s direct deposit form with your PEFCU MICR Account Number. Turn the completed form into your company for processing.

Social Security / Tax Refunds/ Federal Benefits: To set up Direct Deposit for your Social Security benefit, Tax Refunds or other Federal Benefit programs, complete the online Direct Deposit Account Information, visit or call the U.S. Treasury Processing at 1-800-333-1795

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