Information You Should Know

When participating in Direct Deposit and other ACH transactions, you should know the following:

  • You will need both your Routing/ABA and 12-digit MICR account number for all ACH transactions, including Direct Deposit
    • The PEFCU Routing/ABA Number is 263179817
    • The 12-digit MICR account number can be found
      • on the bottom of your check; or
      • on your Account Number Information form provided at account opening; or
      • by logging in to Online Banking > Account Options > Account Summary.
  • Have automatic Direct Deposits issued to only one of your PEFCU accounts. Call PEFCU to set up Payroll Distributions to your other PEFCU accounts if needed (more information below).
  • Tax Refunds are sent to us electronically. If the account number and format are incorrect, the deposit will automatically be returned.


Payroll Distributions

Once you have set up Direct Deposit, then we can set up Payroll Distributions for you. With Payroll Distributions you can have funds automatically deposited into different PEFCU accounts each pay period. The remainder of the funds will be deposited into the account of your choice. Payroll Distributions are FREE and can be changed any time!

Protect your credit score and avoid late fees! With Payroll Distributions, you can have your PEFCU loan payments automatically withdrawn from your Direct Deposit. You can contact us when you're ready to start Payroll Distributions. 

How do I Sign Up?

Publix Super Markets Associates: To sign up for Direct Deposit, you must log into the PASSport system provided by Publix Super Markets and enter your PEFCU MICR Account Number under the financial tab.

Other Employees: To sign up for Direct Deposit, provide your PEFCU MICR Account Number to your employer for processing. 

Social Security / Tax Refunds/ Federal Benefits: To set up Direct Deposit for your Social Security benefit, tax refunds or other federal benefit programs, you can a.) complete the online Direct Deposit Account Information; b.) visit; c.) call the U.S. Treasury Processing at 1-800-333-1795.