Banking Scams

According to, banking scams involve attempts to access your bank account. Use this information to recognize, report, and protect yourself from them. 

Overpayment Scams

With overpayment scams a scam artist sends you a counterfeit check. They tell you to deposit it in your bank account and wire part of the money back to them. Since the check was fake, you will have to pay your bank the amount of the check, plus you will lose any money you wired.

Unsolicited Check Fraud

With unsolicited check fraud, a scammer sends you a check for no reason. If you cash it, you may be authorizing the purchase of items or signing up for a loan you did not ask for.

Automatic Withdrawals Scams

With automatic withdrawals, a scam company sets up automatic debits from your bank account to qualify for a free trial or to collect a prize. 


With phishing, you receive an email message that asks you to verify your bank account or debit card number.

Car Wrap Scams

With car wrap scams, you receive a text or email stating that you can earn money by driving around with your vehicle "wrapped" to advertise a popular product or event. If you accept, then you are asked to deposit a fraudulent check or money order into your credit union account and send some of the money to an "ad specialist" who can put ads on your vehicle.