Earn More

A Base Share account is the first step to become a PEFCU member and to enjoy our great products and services. You will earn higher than average dividends on all of our Deposit Accounts¸ and your savings are insured up to $250,000 for single accounts and $500,000 for joint accounts, and a separate $250,000 for IRA accounts - by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and fully backed by the U.S. Government. We have also added free "Overdraft Protection" from your savings to your checking account. You will never have to worry about the costly returned check fees again.

We make saving easy with the added convenience of Direct Deposit. You are able to designate a certain amount or all of your money from your paycheck and automatically deposit it into the account of your choice.

All you have to do to continue to enjoy this great benefit is keep $50 in your share savings account to receive dividends and avoid a $2 monthly fee or a $5 balance to keep membership status.

Making a Deposit to your Account:

Bank-by-Mail - is our most popular option.  We have postage paid envelopes to help you send in deposits and your deposit will be posted on the day it is received.  We will then send you a receipt and another blue deposit envelope for your next deposit.  Call us today at 1-800-226-6673, we will be happy to send you deposit envelopes.

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