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Mobile Banking Instructions
What is Mobile Banking?
Mobile Banking allows Credit Union members to preform transactions from mobile devices through an app on their Smart Phones, iPads, Tablets, etc.
To enroll in Mobile Banking: (App)
1.  Go to the app store and search PEFCU.
2.  Once the app has been downloaded, use your HomeBanking Username and Password credentials to log into Mobile Banking.
3.  For security purposes, a one-time pin will be sent to the email address listed on your account.  
4.  Once you receive the 4 digit one-time pin, log into mobile again and a PIN box will show up to enter in the 4 digit PIN from the e-mail After successfully logging into Mobile Banking, you will no longer use the one-time pin.
What is WAP?
WAP is the web page that mobile users can use from the internet browser on a mobile device when a Smart Phone app is not available or when the mobile users wish to set up SMS, alerts, find Branch locations, etc. The WAP site can also be accessed from an internet browser on any device such as; a computer, iPad or Tablet. 
What is SMS?
SMS allows users to receive text messages on their mobile device regarding their accounts. Users can use short codes to retrieve balance and transaction history information via text message.
To enroll in SMS - Text Banking:
1.  Visit WAP site and select SMS SETTINGS from the menu.
2.  On the SMS profile, choose ADD A MOBILE NUMBER from the menu.
3.  Read and Agree to the Privacy Policy.
4.  Enter the mobile number and select Continue.
5.  A verification code will be sent to the mobile number that was enrolled.
6.  Enter the verification code and select continue.
Short Codes will be sent via text message to 86020
1.  B = Balance
2.  H = History
3.  X= Transfer (To transfer $100 from your 00 to 71 you would text - X S00 S71 100)
4.  MENU = List of available short codes
5.  STOP = Deactivate the phone from receiving SMS messages
What is Mobile Deposit?
Mobile Deposit is available on iPhone, Android and iPad3 devices and allows users to deposit checks into Savings, Checking, Money Market, and club accounts (excluding Holiday clubs) simply by taking a picture of the check. The Mobile Deposit option will be listed on the main menu in Mobile Banking. If you receive an error message after choosing the Mobile Deposit option, please call the Credit Union for assistance.
The daily deposit limit is $1000, with the first $200 as instant credit. The remaining funds will be held for two business days. The $200 instant credit limit is a daily limit regardless of the number of checks deposited. 
Mobile Deposit:
1.  After selecting the Mobile Deposit option on the main menu, the available daily deposit limit is displayed.
2.  Endorse the back of the check.
3.  Choose deposit account from the drop down list.
4.  Type in the dollar amount of the check.
5.  Tap where indicated to take a picture of the front and back of the check assuring that all four corners are visible and submit.
6.  When deposit is successful a message will be displayed with the new available daily deposit limit. (If you get a successful message but do not see the deposit in your transaction history, please call the Credit Union before cashing/depositing the check elsewhere.)
7.  Keep the deposited check for 10 business days before shredding.
What is Send Money?
PayPal Send Money allows PEFCU members to use the WAP site or mobile app to send money to ANY individual by using an email address or by cell phone number. The funds can be sent from Savings or Checking accounts. There is a $1.00 fee per Send Money transaction. Be sure to verify that the e-mail address or cell phone number is correct before sending.
Send Money:
1.  After selecting the Send Money option on the main menu, choose account to send funds from.
2.  Type in the dollar amount to be sent.
3.  Enter the recipients email address or mobile phone number.
4.  Select the payment type. It is recommended to choose the Sending Money to friends and family option to avoid paying additional service charges.
5.  Tap the Send Money button to process the transaction. If the transaction is still pending, it can be cancelled in the transaction history within Send Money.
6.  For your protection, you will receive an email each time a Send Money transaction is completed on your account.

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is the federal agency that charters and supervises federal credit unions and insures savings in federal and most state-chartered credit unions across the country through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), a federal fund backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. For more information on the NCUA, please visit their website at